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Hello well this is mine first post 😉 in here and well i will present one of sites that i know its excellent that i have found out and witch idea is very cool and i like it. Some boys got into idea to create file library www.fliiby.com like wikipedia but for files 🙂 interesting what can i say 🙂 …

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They say
“olaa..:) is what we love to say here at Fliiby. Fliiby stands for File Library : an unique, unified and simple way for file uploading, categorizing and sharing.

So that’s what i can say for now .. i like there design its simple and basically its all in flash … Player can be moved with arrows for few seconds forward and back and can be stooped with space witch i liked the most as you tube doesn’t have that. Multi upload option is nice and categorising all of the files .. hm i hope it will all work out nice .. any way enjoy if u like this new type of site …

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